Paralegal Services Alberta, CA

Welcome to a new age. ALSF .Alternative Legal Service Firm Incorporated is a bilingual (English and French) firm providing assistance in self-representation, Virtual legal assistants service, legal drafting, Non-lawyer legal agent, mediation, commissioning of oaths, editing and proofreading, legal Marketing services and legal information to its valued customers.

Our agents are well trained in Family, Immigration & Litigation, Documents filing and drafting.

We provide representation as legal agent before the Alberta Provincial Court, the Alberta Worker Compensation Board and the Alberta Human Right Commission.

All our legal drafting need to be reviewed by a lawyer. When one of our agents draft your legal documents or assist you to fill up your forms, the agent will refer you to lawyer for review.

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We are now an affiliate to an Immigration Consultant Agency. So if you need a representation or an advise for all your Immigration project reach out to us. 
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